If I’ve learned anything today, it’s that people have been deeply traumatized by the transition from character creator to game.

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  1. girlchama said: I know! It popped up on my dash with 400+ notes! You hit on something that touches a lot of people, apparently >DDD
  2. autumnyte said: I wish every game had a “Black Emporium” equivalent. That was one of the best things about DA2.
  3. shenzi123 said: I had to use both Lazarus (a fan created app) and gibbed editing to get my Shepards looking like themselves in ME3. I’m still traumatized by the experience!
  4. lifeofkj said: Nothing will ever be as bad as the import to ME3. Seriously, who *was* that? Not my Jane Shepard, that’s for sure. (I got her pretty close with some tweaking, but I’ll always be bitter that her hair color went away.)
  5. syzara said: I’m tempted to make a series out of it… /too many ideas
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